Buying Tips

The Advantages To The Homebuyer Who Works With One Realtor®


A Realtor working exclusively for you gives you the attention and time necessary to secure your new home at the best price.  Too many cooks spoil the broth-especially in the purchase of real estate. Proper screening of our homes, as well as those of cooperating firms, reduces the number of unnecessary showings.

You can expect complete service if you work with one Realtor. It is better to be represented well by one Realtor than to receive the disinterest of a dozen. From one Realtor, you have a right to demand proper attention in finding the right home for your family; from a dozen brokers you have no right to expect anything. Why not get the kind of service that is most likely to result in a satisfactory home purchase?

Some buyers feel that working exclusively with one Realtor may prevent them from seeing a property through another source. This in untrue! Any conscientious Realtor is willing to serve his client’s best interest by cooperating with another Realtor. The homebuyer can and should keep their Realtor advised of all homes they wish to inspect and to work closely with him/her.

Your Realtor will work for you! As a matter of fairness and effectiveness you should be willing to help him/her and give him/her your exclusive time. Start today with one dynamic and aggressive firm that will serve your needs.

The net result of working exclusively with one Realtor: He/She can afford to spend the necessary time with you, secure the best price possible, and save you the annoyance of working with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.


AND REMEMBER…Our job is to help you and your family find the right home!