Selling Tips

Thinking about selling your home, but don’t know where to start?

Selling property is a complex, full time job. And because a home is the largest single asset most of us own, you’ll want to make the best of it. We know. The CENTURY 21 system is the largest real estate organization in the world. And, while we understand the appeal of going it on your own, there’s more to selling your home than a yard sign.

What is your property worth? That’s where selling a home starts and finishes. Considering how rapidly prices change, the answer isn’t an easy one.

After you set your price, you must also:

  • Finance the sale
  • Understand Real Estate rules and regulations
  • Negotiate the sale
  • Market and show your home
  • Qualify prospective buyers
  • Understand deeds, abstracts, offers, contingencies, diclosures, title searches…

The point is, a CENTURY 21 professional can take a quite a load off your hands. Trained, experienced  and dedicated, you can trust a CENTURY 21 sales professional to handle all of the details and sell your home quickly, easily and for the best value!

Call us today! One of our experienced Realtors can perform a Market  Evaluation of your property. It may be worth thousands of dollars more than you think!

We don’t just sell pieces of property, We sell peace of mind!